The Journey of The Fool

A soothsayer is defined as a diviner or someone who can predict the future using intuition, intelligence or other tools of divination. As we embark upon the "The Fools" journey together, The Soothsay Parlor becomes a sacred and safe space where you can receive personal assistance and guidance along the way. We welcome you into our exclusive parlor as our special guests. 


The Fools Journey

Divination is a practice that is widely acknowledged as a way to feel, see and connect to the unseen no matter the spiritual belief. Tarot is one means of divination that most are familiar with or know something about, which is the theme of our parlor.

Using the major arcana as our backdrop, we immerse ourselves into the journey as we take on the role of The Fool and experience the journey from a first-hand account. The Fool's Journey represents our own spiritual journey and progression in life. It consists of 22 cards that start at zero with The Fool and ends at 21 with the World Card.

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