3 Corners Metaphysical Shop is an African-inspired botanica and jewelry boutique in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in spiritual candles, stones & crystals, aromatherapy, incenses, spiritual body products, copper & brass jewelry and much more. 






Natasha Naeema Johnson

Owner | Jewelry Designer

I am an Atlanta native. I have always been creative and love to express myself in different ways. My life has never been an easy one and growing up I’ve had to face many challenges. Nevertheless I never gave up. My career path, however, started out to a traditional route, I finished school, went to college and graduated with a BS in Business Administration, and then got a job in the medical field on the administration and management side. While this fed my passion to help others, it did not feed my creative side. After several years in the medical field, I pursued a few business ventures: medical office consultant because that’s what I knew, then helping a friend established her non-profit organization for disabled veterans. The latter is what eased me into the field of jewelry making as my first pieces were beaded bracelets which I named Em-Bracelets ™. It was a fundraiser projects to raise money to provide services for disabled and homeless veterans. Each bracelet came with a card with a poem written on it. From there I started making other pieces such as earrings, then necklaces, and more.


However, it wasn’t then that I decided to start Creation’s Best. Creation’s Best arose out of hardship and a desire to build a new life for myself. I became a homeschool mom, tried my hand homesteading and sustaining myself in that lifestyle. That’s was only the beginning of my transformation. While homeschooling, homesteading and using real life projects and situations as a basis for my curriculum, Creation’s Best was born. I started out making candles, then returning to my passion of making jewelry and then adding soaps. All things I could use to provide income while pursuing living off grid and homeschooling. Eventually it was the jewelry that took over. It began with beading which led to wire wrapping and weaving until my passion grew and landed me right into metalsmithing where I worked primarily with copper, sterling silver, gemstones.


















My name is Oju (oh-joo) also known as Magic Monroe. I am a local metaphysician/ practitioner here in Atlanta. My readings consist of tarot card readings which also includes using standard playing cards; optional. I am also able to use oracle methods such at using oracle cards, gemstone odù (oh-doo) or Oju's odù (gemstone rolling), chakra analogy, chakra art therapy divination (C.A.T. Divination), Couple's C.A.T. Divination, Couple's Chakra analogy, journeying (envisioning meditation), etc.


I also offer counseling making sure the client reaches a source of introspection and breakthrough. I always strive for solutions.

3 Corners Metaphysical Shop

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